The most sacred symbol of the whole of Seth Lucan's journey is the fez hat. The maroon, lampshade lookalike hat is the strongest symbol for viewers to recognise that the wearer is of course Seth Lucan. The hat was brought by Seth Lucan's mother, Fatima Lucan, who purchased it when they went to 'the seaside' as told in 'An Incident at Ebony Gardens'.

The history of the fez hat is very murky as the whole truth of it is not known. We know where the hat was purchased from, however we do not know the reason Seth Lucan wears it. Many sources credit the fez hat to Humphrey Lucan, who, when he was 40, jokingly pulled a lampshade from his lamp and placed it on his head. Apparently this was the first influence for Seth Lucan.

Others suggest that the hat was always meant to be a symbol of Seth Lucan's victims fate. The colour red obviously symbolises death, blood and anger; all of which are present in Seth Lucan's characteristic.

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